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Financial Rewards | Real Estate Cash Rebate

Home Purchase Rebate & Home Sale Listing Discount

By using Winner Ford SMARTMOVE®, you earn a cash rebate everytime you buy real estate. When selling real estate receive a significant discount on the listing commission.

Refer to the chart on the right to calculate your estimated rebate.

Important: In order to receive your benefit you must enroll with the program PRIOR to contacting a Real Estate Agent. Please refer to Who’s Eligible for more information.

*In some cases rebates on new construction purchases may be different than published.

Your Cash Rebate on your home purchase can be calculated using the following:

(Sales Price) x (Buy Side Commission %) x 20% = Cash Rebate

Use the form below to calculate your Cash Rebate:

Calculate Your Real Estate Cash Rebate
Sales price of the property:
Buy side commission percentage: %

Your Seller Benefit when listing your home is a 20% reduction of the List Side Commission.


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